Recovery from Substance Abuse

Recognizing a substance abuse issue and knowing what to do about it are two very different things. You may be unsure if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and want to learn more about it. You may have been to treatment and are working a program and looking for a therapist to help you deal with the realities of recovery and coming out of the fog of addiction. Substance abuse impacts everything, and it takes time, effort, and usually a lot of help to rebuild your life.

Understanding how substance use disorder works in your brain and body can be immensely helpful in learning the skills necessary to maintain recovery. There are many skills that can help you manage triggers in everyday life, such as physical actions that can redirect your thinking or reactions. Developing appropriate relapse prevention skills and plans is also vital.

It can be difficult to rebuild relationships and develop new ones, especially in early recovery. Your family and friends often have difficulty trusting you and your recovery, and meeting new people can seem daunting when you’re still trying to learn who you are as a sober person. Relationships are also such an important part of living in recovery – being successful alone and isolated generally doesn’t work out.

I’ve worked with clients struggling with addiction throughout my career, in both outpatient and residential settings. I strongly believe that a healthy therapeutic relationship can be a key part of the recovery process. If you choose me as a therapist, we will work together to identify your needs and develop plans to meet them. Recovery is possible, and you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you are just beginning to explore the idea that you may have a problem with substances, or you are in recovery and in need of ongoing work to maintain it, I can help.