Depression can be debilitating. Exhaustion. Sadness. Hopelessness. Lack of motivation. Lack of feeling. It can impact anyone. Sometimes, there is something that triggers it. Other times, it seems to come out of nowhere. One of the most difficult parts of depression is that generally leads you to avoid reaching out for help.

Therapy is an excellent first step to recovery from depression. If you have a safe place to talk and an objective person to talk to, it makes it easier to identify tools you can use to feel better. Sometimes, just the structure of having someplace specific to go and skills to practice between sessions can be helpful. If your depression was brought on by your circumstances, it is helpful to have a way to process that, too. For clients struggling with depression related to trauma or negative core beliefs, Brainspotting can be a helpful tool to improve your emotional state and resolve the traumas that are holding you back.

I’ve worked with individuals struggling with depression throughout my career. There are many causes for depression, and just as many ways to combat it. We’ll work together to determine what methods will be best to get you to a better place emotionally. Recovery is possible.