Adjustments to Life Changes

Graduating college and starting a new life. Moving to a new city. A new job. The end of a relationship. Becoming a parent. Approaching retirement age. These are just a few examples of major life changes that could result in a need for extra support. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a safe place to talk about the many other things that come with these changes that we might find challenging.

Therapy to manage adjustment to these changes will look different for each person. Everyone responds differently to big changes, and that’s okay. You might need to work on anxiety related to new job responsibilities or the responsibility of becoming a caretaker. Or maybe you’re feeling alone and defeated after the end of a relationship and need help rebuilding your confidence. If you’re like many people in Nashville, you’re new to the city and don’t know anyone yet. It can be hard to meet new people, and the idea can trigger a lot of anxiety that keeps you at home instead. You might want to start therapy to overcome that anxiety so you can build new relationships.

The therapeutic approach we use will depend on what your goals are. As with many other things, I do use DBT frequently to help you learn skills to manage the changes happening in your life. I might use other approaches, as well, to make sure you achieve your goals. This type of therapy is often shorter-term. We will work together to get you though the challenge and develop the skills so you can handle similar challenges in the future. Many of my clients who come for adjustment issues see me for 2-6 months, and then as needed after that.