How to Get Started in Therapy

Before meeting with new clients, I always like to do a phone consultation to make sure I'm a good fit for your needs and that our schedules will work together. During this call, we'll talk about what's leading you to therapy and what kind of therapy you think would be most helpful for you. It's okay if you're not sure what kind of therapy you want or need, though. I can help you determine that when we speak.

If we both feel like it's a good client-therapist match, then we'll schedule your initial assessment. Before your appointment, I will send you some basic forms that I require of all clients, as well as a quick intake questionnaire. During your assessment, we'll talk about what's brought you to therapy, what your goals are, and your history. This lets us decide which path to take and helps narrow down some specific things you want to work on.

After the initial assessment, we'll meet on a schedule we'll decide together. We'll work together to set small goals to help you achieve your bigger goals over time. Every client is different, so there's no prescribed plan of sessions or how many times we will meet. As we go along, we will evaluate your needs and adjust the schedule to meet them. How long you participate in therapy depends on you - what works for you, what you want out of it, and how long it takes to accomplish your goals.

If you have looked through my site and feel like I would be a good fit for you, I welcome you to schedule a phone consultation with me. During this call, we’ll talk about what’s leading you to therapy and make sure we will work well together, and also discuss what is a feasible payment for you. From there, we’ll schedule your initial assessment appointment. If I don't offer the specialty you're looking for or don't feel like the right therapist for you, I'm also willing to give some suggestions about other therapists that might work better. I'm also happy to respond to emails looking for other referrals.