What the heck is Brainspotting?  That’s a valid question.  It sounds weird, right? In some ways, it is kind of weird, but in many more ways, it makes perfect sense.  The idea behind Brainspotting is that “where you look affects how you feel.”  Essentially, deep in our brains, we hold memories of experiences that made lasting impressions on us.  Some of these memories are strong, supportive memories that help us feel safe and secure in the world.  Some of these memories are things that hold us back or negatively impact our self-perception.  Both types of memories greatly impact our lives on a regular basis.  Brainspotting helps us reach deep into our brains to find these memories and work with them to help us heal.

Let’s start with the “feel-good” side of Brainspotting – accessing those places that help us feel safe and secure in the world.  Have you ever noticed that you look in a certain direction when daydreaming or talking about something that feels safe for you?  You might be unconsciously accessing a Brainspot that is a Resource for you – that helps you feel better and more secure.  These Resource Spots can be really helpful to identify because they can help us access those parts of our brain that get us through tough times.  They can also be helpful to us as we process the harder things – the things that really trigger a strong emotional and physiological response in us.  If we begin to get overwhelmed as we work on the hard things, we can use the Resource Spot to help you ground yourself and find safety and security again.

Now the harder part – working with trauma and negative core beliefs.  In addition to the places that help us feel safe, Brainspots also allow us to access the places in our brain that the trauma or negative core beliefs are stored.  Many people don’t even realize the core beliefs they’ve been living by until they begin Brainspotting.  By moving our eyes to the position of these Brainspots, we are able to access the trauma or negative self-perceptions and release their hold on us.  Much more quickly than many other methods, we can find the traumas and heal the impact they have on us now.  I won’t say this work is easy, but it is so very worth it.  I’ve also been told by those who’ve tried multiple types of trauma treatment that Brainspotting is a gentler, easier path than many trauma therapies they tried before.

It’s important to know and understand that you won’t be alone in this work.  I’ll be right there with you the whole way through.  We’ll work together to make sure you have all the resources you need to feel comfortable beginning this work, whether that be skills or Resource Spots that you gain in therapy, or learning to lean into the resources you already have in your life.  Watch the quick video below to learn more about who Brainspotting works with:

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